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Patareiga töötavad Heinätin® Single

Patareiga töötavad Heinätin® Single

Patareiga töötavad Heinätin® Single
Patareiga töötavad Heinätin® Single
Patareiga töötavad Heinätin® Single

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The best buddy for your horse’s tummy

The Heinätin® Single is a handy automatic feeder of three feedings, which lets you easily take care of one horse’s regular hay feeding both in a stall and in a paddock.

The battery-operated Single model includes a cabinet for three timed hay feedings, an integrated controller unit in the cabinet, two batteries, and a charging device for the batteries. The batteries usually last for one to two weeks.

The operating voltage of Heinätin Single is 12V/24V. The Single model suits rented stalls as well as paddocks/sheds where no mains current is available, or where it is challenging to install wiring.

The Heinätin Single can be constructed using all Heinätin models. The most popular Single models are the Heinätin® Indoor600 and Outdoor cabinets.

The Heinätin models designed for indoor use always come fitted with a damper mechanism which guarantees silent operation. We recommend installing a fender beam beneath the Indoor600 cabinet to prevent the horses from rubbing themselves against the cabinet.

Please ask for installation and maintenance services for the system.

Pakitud toote või tootepakendi hinnanguline suurus on 602 x 1252 x 602 mm.

55 kg (Sisaldab ka võimaliku pakendi kaalu)

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