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Heinätin® Paalivahti Lite III - NEWNES!

Heinätin® Paalivahti Lite III - NEWNES!

Heinätin® Paalivahti Lite III - NEWNES!

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Heinätin® HayWatch Lite is a lighter model than the original HayWatch, and offers a very convenient and safe solution for dense and easy round bale feeding. HayWatch Lite easily holds a round or square bale of about 400 kg.

Heinätin HayWatch Lite is our latest innovation, whose doors open according to times by counting down. With HayWatch Lite, you guarantee your horses a limited range of hay just like free hay - just when you want it.

HayWatch Lite is built from high quality, as domestic components as possible and is designed to adapt to our customers' changing needs. The bale cover can be moved freely from one place to another. HayWatch Lite is a complete feed chapel that does not require actual foundations.

HayWatch Lite III there is a feed chapel with three lining walls and you can schedule the doors up to 12 feeds per day per door so that the doors work either all at once or all doors open at different times, for example in the middle of another shelter. The bale is placed inside the machine via the feed wall by first lifting the vertical bars out of the way.

HayWatch Lite beeps before the doors open and close, so horses quickly learn to recognize when the feeding season begins and when it ends. All movable walls are controlled by their own motor, which makes it easy to build horse-active paddocks of the Paddock Paradise type with HayWatch Lite. We are happy to help you plan the surfaces!

The vertical shoulder supports in front of the doors are easily movable to meet the needs of your own horses. Solid plates for the lower parts of the feeding walls are not included in the delivery.

The horses quickly learned to use the HayWatch Lite. Foals and smoother horses have also become accustomed to using it for a few days.

Heinätin HayWatch Lite:

Up to 12 feedings per day per feeding wall
Easy-to-use touch screens on the controllers -> select either Controller Luxe or Controller Basic according to your needs
A rugged hay feeding machine that is delivered and can be moved as a whole
Does not require foundations, flat land is enough!
Works with 24V voltage!

Paalivahti Lite III + Controller Basic: 7 780e, alv. 0%

Paalivahti Lite III + Controller Luxe: 8 170e, alv. 0%

Pakitud toote või tootepakendi hinnanguline suurus on 2060 x 2280 x 2060 mm.

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