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Mini Fluffy -heinätyyny

Mini Fluffy -heinätyyny

Mini Fluffy -heinätyyny
Mini Fluffy -heinätyyny
Mini Fluffy -heinätyyny

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Fluffy slow feeder prolongs the eating time, so your horse has enough stimulation for several hours.

Fluffy is quiet when used. Fluffy Feeder is placed freely on the ground for the use of the horse, thereby maintaining the horse in a natural eating position. For safety reasons, Fluffy Feeder should not be attached to walls, fences or floors.

Fluffy Feeder is also well suited for use in Heinätin Outdoor models. The range also includes a smaller Fluffy Feeder Mini suitable for Heinätin Indoor models.

Fluffy slow feeder is mostly closed with the power supply unit placed on top of the bag. As a result, hay or nets do not collect sand or other soil when used outdoors.

Fluffy Feederiin holds about 3 kg of dry hay. Dried hay, straw or even fresh grass is also suitable for use. In a horse, the emptying time for a full Fluffy is estimated to be 1.5 to 2 hours.

Organic Fluffy Feeders are made almost entirely from recycled materials and are homogeneous, washable and very durable.

The Fluffy Feederin net is made of a seat belt and therefore its functional properties are unique. The net is very resistant to wear and varying weather conditions. The net is available in a mesh size of 4 mm. Note that the mesh size is not comparable to other slow feed nets on the market.

We recommend a larger mesh size if:

- your horse has not used Fluffy Feederiä before
- the hay is hard

The colors of Fluffy Feeder may vary depending on available materials. Color inquiries can be made when ordering in the section for further information. Before each use, make sure the Fluffy Feeder is intact. Broken Fluffy should not be used but should be disposed of properly.

Fluffy Feeders are proudly manufactured in Finland.

Pakitud toote või tootepakendi hinnanguline suurus on 25 x 30 x 25 mm.

0.1 kg (Sisaldab ka võimaliku pakendi kaalu)

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