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HG 600

HG 600

HG 600
HG 600
HG 600
HG 600
HG 600
HG 600
HG 600

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The HG 600 new and improved design! This brand new model features the addition of gas struts on the lid to ensure safe opening when loading and unloading the forage. The shape of the chest has also been adapted to reflect the contours of the HG 2000 but at the same time maintaining the original forage capacity of 15kg.  

The HG 600 has been designed to feed 1-3 horses*.

It can hold up to 15kgs of forage either in a haynet or loose, the equivalent of half a small strung bale of hay. The HG 600 is ideal for use on the stable yard but is also light and compact enough to be used when travelling. The robust and thermally insulated hay chest allows temperatures to reach over 100°C - vital for killing mould spores and bacteria in the hay.

Its cycle time from cold is 60 minutes, making the process quick and easy.

The 2.75kW steam generator (with a water capacity of 8 litres) features a stainless steel boiler shell with a domed lid for optimum steam flow and consistent delivery, a robust heating element and offers safety thermal protection with a “run dry” alarm and warning light. The balanced integrated handle allows for easy rinsing of the unit while the location of the filler spout, with its brass safety release filler cap, prevents overfilling.

Comes with:
Watering Can
Drip Tray
2 Descaler sachets
Filling Funnel
Weight: 41kg (combined weight of hay container and steam generator)
Dimensions: L x 589mm W x 560mm H x 585mm
Feeds 1-3 horses*
Holds up to 15kg of forage either in a haynet or loose wedges (the equivalent of half a bale of hay or up to 15kg of loose hay* or haynets)
Includes wheels and a robust extending handle
Includes gas struts to assist with opening and closing the lid.
Steaming cycle from cold approximately 60 minutes, 2.75kW steam generator
Steam Generator has a 8 litre capacity with safety features.

Pakitud toote või tootepakendi hinnanguline suurus on 600 x 600 x 600 mm.

41 kg (Sisaldab ka võimaliku pakendi kaalu)

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