Well-being in the stable

In nature, the horse is used to roaming around looking for food, and its stomach is designed to handle small amounts of food frequently. The Heinätin® hay feeder enables a natural feeding rhythm for the horse and prevents illnesses that weaken performance. The Heinätin® product range includes solutions for the needs of stables of all sizes.



Food for a bigger gang. The Heinätin® offers a solution for frequent and effortless round bale feeding. The equipment in the range has been tested in Finnish weather conditions. We are constantly developing more innovations for this product group.

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Sufficiently short intervals – also by night. Heinätin® is a handy and horse-friendly hay feeder with which you can feed your horse hay effortlessly and regularly around the clock.

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A great gut feeling at the stable

“Frequent feeding intervals are the most effective way to prevent and treat horses’ stomach problems and support their overall well-being.”
— Anne Sjöblom, a vet specialized in horse illnesses


Small and home stables

Heinätin® makes life easier at private stables and calms down the horses’ stomachs. With it, you can easily distribute hay regularly to horses at small stables with no hired staff.

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Big stables and yards

With the Heinätin® hay feeder, you can offer your horses hay easily and regularly around the clock. The horse-friendly Heinätin saves your working time and makes life easier even at large stables.

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Heinätin® video

Say goodbye to hay bags and get yourself a Heinätin device to save your working time and bring peace to your horse’s stomach.

The Hayer introduction 2019

Design and manufactured in Finland

The Heinätin® products are designed and manufactured in Finland following the principles of sustainable development and with an uncompromising approach towards quality.



We import German-made Growi products.

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