Well-being for horses – and easier life at the stables

When experienced horse-owner Katja and former world-champion-level motorcycle mechanic Jarkko couldn’t find ready-made solutions for their horse prone to bloating and stomach ulcers, they decided to develop the solutions themselves. This led to the creation of Oy Equine Innovations Ltd, which today offers extensive solutions to support horses’ well-being and health.

“Our own horse, Klerkki, had a severe stomach ulcer, and we tried everything to treat it”, says Katja Kulmakorpi, who has years of experience in owning horses and who has been actively involved in the Finnish Horsemanship Association, e.g as the vice president. 

“Additionally, our horse’s neck and teeth started to require other feeding methods than hay nets, because the unnatural posture when eating with its head tilted made its neck and withers stiff, which again made riding more difficult and increased massage costs and our worry about the horse’s well-being”, Katja continues.

As a result of all this, Katja and Jarkko Kulmakorpi started to develop a product that would make the horse’s feeding rhythm as natural as possible and allow the horse to eat several small portions per day.

“Our product development lead to the creation of the Heinätin hay feeder which increases horses’ well-being - and as an excellent by-product also makes life at the stable easier when there is no need for bagging up and distributing hay”, says Jarkko Kulmakorpi, whose technical knowledge and ability to design almost anything stem from years spent with Road Racing as a world-champion-level motorcycle mechanic around the world.

Completely handmade in Finland

The horses’ well-being and appropriate handling are the core of the Oy Equine Innovations Ltd’s operations. The company’s strengths are a bold, open, innovative approach as well as a determined attitude.

“We stand behind our products in all situations and want to listen to and serve our customer in a top-quality manner all the way”, says Jarkko.

Oy Equine Innovations Ltd prefers Finnish work and products. “We value the environment and manufacture all our products in Finland, following the principles of sustainable development. All of the components used in our products are also acquired from Finland whenever possible”, Katja says.


We are in favor of transparency and that is why we wanted to open up the value base of our operations and products to our customers.
The values ​​presented below serve as road signs in all our activities.

Equine Innovations

Welcome to visit us and test our products ourselves

 Our company's premises are in Hämeenkyrö Pinsiö. In connection with our premises, there is a Showroom, which serves as an active yard for our horses. Here you can get to know our products and use them yourself. This way you can ensure the high quality of our products.
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Equine Innovations

Oy Equine Innovations Ltd
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