Planning tool for horse stables

This planning tool has been developed to help entrepreneurs outline the (re)planning of their working days in their horse stables.

You can take advantage of the tool, for example, by entering the current situation of the stable on one side and you are free to outline the working day of your dreams on the other.

The Heinätin hay feeding machines offer alternatives with two, three and four hay portions. With the help of the tool, you can try out which model would best suit the needs of your stable. With the Heinätin calculator, you can outline the benefits of investing in time and euros.

Worthy planning moments!


Enter the start and end time of the working day in the fields. Drag the icons to the correct locations on the clock. Save the result for yourself, for example, with a screenshot.

With the Heinätin icon you can mark the hay portions distributed by Heinätin.

 You can double-click the extra icons to remove them.