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Coin or Token Operator

Coin or Token Operator

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Описание товара
Digital Coin Operator is ideal for use with our range of Horse Solarium's. It’s perfect for multi-horse stables, with It’s lockable design you can meter the use of your solarium or dryer and generate income by renting out to your customers.

Use with Tokens or Euro coins (please specify on order). Easy to Install. Generally set for 1 € for a 15 min session.
‘FREE TO USE’ option by inserting a key on the side, then simply remove and set back to charging mode once you or your family have used it.

Размер товара в упаковке или размер торговой упаковки составляет 300 x 300 x 200 mm.

3 kg(Возможно включает вес торговой упаковки)

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