Reduced hay loss

Heinätin® Hay feeders, Big stables and yards, Small and private stables, Customer stories by marika@hevoskeksinnot.fi, 11.5.2021
When we have been able to control the amount of hay, we have also controlled the weight of the horses. Our horses get hay eight times a day, around the clock, which is the best option for a horse’s sensitive digestion. Horses are eating in their natural position, and there is no need for the horses to tear the hay from nets with their heads at a weird angle. Play with the hay in the stalls has reduced. A big change has also happened in time management as a stable owner. I don’t need to stress about the need of being in multiple places at the same time anymore.

Riikka Takaneva
Horse breeder, Larva-Jussila Farm


Health and better quality of life – both for horses and horse-owner

Kati Leppälahti runs the Koivurinne Icelandics stable and purchased Heinätin hay feeders for her six Icelandic horses in 2016. Icelandic horses are extremely effective fodder users and can easily gain excess weight if they receive too much hay. “I’ve always strived to organize t...

Custom made solutions

We wanted to equip our new stable with hay feeders that could be filled from the corridor. We did not get a good response from other feeder providers to our particular needs. We had almost lost our hope when we contacted Katja and Jarkko at Equine Innovations Ltd. They listened t...

Individual feeding

When we started to load the Heinätin® hay feeders for the first time, the hay portions seemed to be very small. The amount of hay was the same as earlier, though, it was only separated into smaller portions. Picky horses do not mess with the hay in their stalls anymore. Skinny ho...