You can take advantage of the coaching we offer, for example, to develop your horse business, your overall well-being, to improve your relationships, to find better and more self-sufficient ways of working, or to create peace of mind in your life. Or something else.

Coaching is built according to your wishes. Our coaching service also supports decision making and helps you find the red thread to success in your business. In coaching, you map out your current situation, realize the goals that inspire you, and build an action plan toward what you want.

In coaching, you are not advised, but through various questions and exercises, you yourself realize what you want and how you can build your own kind of entrepreneurship and life. In coaching, we meet every 1-2 weeks and they can take place face to face or remotely via Zoom.

Coaching is always strictly confidential.

With coaching, your self-confidence improves, your self-image brightens, and your goals become clearer.
In coaching, you will also realize how change in your company and life is possible and how you can make your dreams come true.

Coaching is organized as both individual and community coaching, so you can also use our change coaching to clarify the common goals of work communities, different teams and other groups. In addition, with our coaching, you can gain new inspiration and ideas for your own activities and increase your mutual trust to support your activities..

The content and prices of group coaching are negotiated jointly with the client.

The duration of individual coaching is about 60-90 minutes per time and the price of the coaching is 75 € / time (incl. VAT 24%) or five times in a package a total of 325 € (incl. VAT 24%). For more information and reservations call 045 6762 455 / katja@hevoskeksinnot.fi.

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