Do you wish your stable a more functional everyday life?

Do you need flexibility in your work at stables?

Is your stable´s daily rhythm genuinely serving your customers or is it just a familiar operating model?

With the help of our design service, you reorganize your everyday work to be more functional and serve its purpose.

LEAN is a management philosophy that is the most effective of the currently known ways in developing company-wide competence, competitiveness and capability. In short, it’s about “we want to learn to walk a shorter distance instead of running harder.”
In practice, LEAN means streamlining the work and doing the essentials using common sense and taking advantage of new insights.

Our design service includes an appointment remotely or at your stable (in Finland area). During the meeting, we will go through the facilities and functions of your stable together and design the Heinätin hay feeder equipment package that suits your needs. Carefully review the issues related to costs and benefits and consider together the solution that best serves the meeting, taking into account the future plans.

We have experience with change processes in several stables and we can help you to avoid traditional mistakes. Contact us and make an appointment with the planning service!

Remote appointments via Zoom are free of charge. We negotiate stable visits separately.


Our partner AxEquestrian offers individual feeding planning for your horse's needs:

I’m Leena Jokinen, BSc in Equine Sciences and entrepreneur at AxEquestrian.
I’m the one doing Ruokinta365™ -feed plans for all kind of horses!

Ruokinta365™-feed plan is in fact a whole concept of horse feeding When you order a feed plan,
consulting is included and you also get help for practical planning of feeding your horse.
I do all feed plans impartial, I’m not linked to any feeding companies which allows me to do the plans genuinely according to your horse’s real needs.

Of all horse feeds, hay is the most important one! Feeding is based on hay so it is of relevance
to know what the hay contains (hay analysis) and that the horse is fed with hay in a species-typical way as constantly as possible, especially when free hay is not an option.
Therefore the collaboration with Heinätin is natural, as my goal is to feed the horse as natural
as it is possible with hay as the base of the horses wellbeing.

I do the feeding plans with 20 years of experience based on research and practical experience.
Feeding affects the horses wellbeing every moment, lets plan the feeding of your horse together
in a preventive way!

Please take a contact to Leena: axequestrian.com


I am Ulla Uosukainen. My interests have always been foals and young horses, as well as the care and well-being of horses. 

My horse hobby started at the primary school age from the small village horse stables. After primary school, I studied to be a horse groom and got my first own horse. I worked as a horse caretaker on trotting stables and trained my own horses. I graduated as a horse masseur in 2011.  
In 2018 I became interested in training horses with positive reinforcement, attendance, listening and doing things together. I graduated as an animal trainer in 2020 and in 2021 I founded my business called Tmi Hevoshoiva.

The Heinätin partnership is right for me because dense hay feeding supports the well-being of horses excellently. With dense hay feeding, horses are clearly better. My own horses feed on the hay feeding machines built using the Heinätin Do-It-Yourself package, and the change to the past has been noticeable. The horses are well-proportioned in shape and calm in mind. Human freedom has increased considerably.
No more staring at the next feeding time on the clock.

You can check out my diverse horse training and welfare services here: Hevoshoiva.fi


We have created a new concept called Heinätin® & Partners. The partnership is suitable for all Heinätin users and advocates who have their own VAT number. By acting as a Heinätin® Partner, you can earn clear money. Want to know more about our new concept?

For more information about the Partnership, contact us!