Reduced hay loss

An easy feeding solution for home stables

The Heinätin® hay feeder makes life at the stables easier and calms down the horses’ stomachs. With it, you can easily distribute hay regularly to horses at home stables with no hired staff.

The benefits of Heinätin:

- Heinätin makes life easier and more flexible for horse-owners – and gives you free time: it distributes hay to your horses regularly and when you want it.
- Heinätin is good for your horse’s stomach: with it, you can provide frequent hay feeding around the clock.
- You can customize individual feeding portions for each horse while doing other chores at the stable. This way, you can perform all your stable chores conveniently at the same time.
- No more early morning wake-ups or distributing morning hay to hungry horses
- Heinätin wakes up and distributes hay for you!
- The Heinätin hay feeder’s electricity consumption is minimal.

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Health and better quality of life – both for horses and horse-owner

Kati Susi runs the Koivurinne Icelandics stable and purchased Heinätin hay feeders for her six Icelandic horses in 2016. Icelandic horses are extremely effective fodder users and can easily gain excess weight if they receive too much hay.

“I’ve always strived to organize the feeding of my horses so that they would get small portions of hay as many times per day as possible”, Kati says. “Organizing frequent and restricted feedings used to be challenging, since my stable is a few kilometres away from my home”, she continues.

The best solution I’ve made as a horse-owner

With Heinätin, everyday life at the stable has become easier, and Kati has enjoyed more free time. Kati has been especially delighted to see how the horses’ internal clocks have adjusted to regular hay chewing, and the hunger burning in their throats no longer negatively affects their health and quality of life. 

“The Heinätin feeders are the best choice I’ve made as a horse-owner”, Kati says. “My horses are happy and healthy – and slimmer, thanks to small and regular hay portions”, Kati continues.

Heinätin saves time and money

The Heinätin feeders have also brought savings to the Koivurinne stable: Kati calculated that the Heinätin investment paid for itself in 16 months in the form of lowered travel expenses alone – let alone time savings.

“The Heinätin feeders distribute hay in the evening, at night and early in the morning, which means that we can go to the stable at half-past nine, and in the evening we can go home and watch the evening news. It makes life a lot easier”, Kati says.